Artificial intelligence
in medicine

A research team of KImedi GmbH uses Artificial Intelligence and other digital technologies, such as machine learning, to support medical diagnostics by combining the personal experience of patients with the medical knowledge of doctors. The knowledge gained by KImedi GmbH is incorporated into concrete software projects. Non-invasive methods form the basis of the digital data models which store medical knowledge and thus can shorten the way to the confirmation of the diagnosis.


The app as well as the correspondingbrowser version are intended to provide a quantitative indication in the form of a probability of the presence of a possible, very rare disease and to differentiate it from a chronic or somatoform disease. To this end, patients fill out a questionnaire online on an iPad, the evaluation of which generates diagnostic indications in real time on a remote, data-protected server and displays them on the local iPad. These indications are only visible to authorized medical personnel.

The tool thus supports the physician in his search for the correct diagnosis, especially in the case of diseases that are difficult to diagnose. Typical for these diseases are long latency periods until final confirmation. The name “Short Paths” expresses this and the aim of this tool is to shorten the suffering of patients.

When using the tool in a doctor’s practice, the doctor has the possibility to contact the “colleague computer” via the Internet when the symptoms of a patient are unclear or contradictory.

The  algorithms are based on Data Mining techniques in combination with AI procedures, evaluate the response patterns in the corresponding questionnaires and show the doctor the suspected diagnoses in real time.

Product: iPad APP  ‘q53 plus ki diagnostik’

The app can be downloaded for free from the app store to any iPad version. The app generates diagnostic indications when a rare disease is suspected and differentiates these statements from chronic and somatoform diseases. The statements are only visible to authorized physicians, who must identify themselves via a protected access. Patients receive the appropriate access data from these doctors and fill out a questionnaire online on a iPad. The evaluation is carried out on a data-protected server in real time and is available to the doctor in visualised form. The app is certified as a medical device and comply with all data protection requirements.

Product: Short distances to the diagnosis

This product is a browser-based questionnaire tool for diagnostic support in selected disease groups, which is accessible via an internet address. The tool currently generates diagnostic notes for the following disease groups

  • Genetically induced immunodeficiency
  • Metabolic diseases
  • Neuromuscular diseases
  • Diseases of the respiratory tract
  • Rare diseases
MD: Muscular dystrophies, myotonies
MP: Pompe disease
SMA: Spinal muscular atrophy
ALS: Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
PNP: Polyneuropathy, HMSN
Other: Other neuromuscular disease
MG: Myasthenia gravis
EKM: Inclusion body myositis


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