SanofiGenzyme Conference in Berlin

Kimedi explains to SanofiGenzyme’s sales representatives the structure, application and benefits of the diagnostic system. From now on, the sales representatives will promote the use of the diagnostic system in doctors’ practices and other medical institutions throughout Germany.

Blind field study at the Charité in Berlin-Buch

Thanks to the support of Prof. Dr. med. Simone Spuler, a field trial at theUniversity ambulance clinic for neuromuscular diseases of the Charité in Berlin-Buch. Valuable new insights into the use of the Q46 questionnaires for neuromuscular diseases were gained. In all 4 of the diagnosed Pompe disease patients, whose diagnosis we did not know […]

Integration of software into the PatientConcept App

The software developers of NeuroSys and KImedi worked closely together during the summer months to integrate Kimedi’s ai-engine into NeuroSys’ PatientConcept App. This means that the questionnaires are now available to a broad user group of patients and physicians.

New project “Morbus Pompe”

The new project for early detection of the rare disease “Morbus Pompe” is generously supported by the pharmaceutical company SanofiGenzyme GmbH and the software company NeuroSys GmbH for 2 years.

Publication on Q53 project available

Common pre-diagnostic features in individuals with different rare diseases represent a key for diagnostic support with computerized pattern recognition? [Download]